We are very grateful for all the wonderful financial donations, tools and materials for beach clean ups, and community appreciation gifts we have received over the years.

If you’d like to contribute, please use the links below, or contact us to arrange pick up or delivery.

Community Appreciation Gifts

Our volunteers deserve a warm thank you! If you or your business can provide gifts, we will use them to let our volunteers know that their efforts are appreciated.

  • lunch and dinner coupons
  • tee shirts/ hats/ sarongs
  • paintings
  • stickers
  • towels
  • Hawaiian souvenirs for tourists that volunteer!
  • gift cards: food/ store
  • children’s toys

Supplies for Beach Clean Ups

We often need supplies to perform our beach clean ups safely and comfortably. If you are able to donate any of the items below, we’ll put them to good use!

  • plastic trash cans for beach trash can stations
  • wire fencing for wire recycling bins (also volunteers to help assemble these)
  • metal long handle pickers ($25 each @ Ace)
  • safety vests ($15 each @ Ace)
  • boxes of disposable rubber gloves (all large)
  • boxes of non latex gloves
  • boxes of contractor trash bags
  • boxes of 90-gallon plastic bags for our recycle bins
  • sign holders/ blue plastic easels ($27 each @ Toys r Us)
  • new plastic signs ($35 each)
  • chains to keep trash and recycling bins placed on our beaches from “walking away”
  • plastic clip boards
  • pens
  • plastic (4 to 6 drawers) drawer organizers
  • cases of drinking water
  • color printing of calendars

Financial Contributions: We suggest a $5.00 Donation for Beach Cleanups:

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