Join Us and Sustainable Coastlines on April 25th, 2014, for Earth Day, at Kailua Boat Ramp, for a Beach Cleanup and Festival to follow at Kailua Beach Park!

Kailua Boatramp cleanup Sustainable Coastlines





Reef Clean Up Dive and Snorkel, April 4th, 2015 @ China Walls.

April 4th, 2015: Beach Cleanups at Alan Davis, Mokuleia Beach Park, and Kahana Bay!

March 28th 2015: Beach Cleanup @ Makapu’u Light House

Please Check out our 15 Year Report on The 33 Trash Debris Items found along O’ahu Beaches.

15 year Study Report Of 33 Trash Debris Items

As of December 2015, Sustainable Coastlines and Adopt a Beach Hawaii have merged, please see our calendar for Beach Clean ups.  Please Join us April 4th @ China Walls for a Reef Cleanup, Diving and Snorkeling, Saturday April 4th @ 12:00 pm.  Check the event out on Facebook @




Adopt A Beach Hawaii runs monthly beach cleanups and other eco-events, collects data on marine debris and works to improve recycling systems at local beach parks on the island of Oahu. You can help Adopt A Beach by volunteering for a beach cleanup (by yourself or with a group), contributing community appreciation gifts or donating money.

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To participate in a beach cleanup:

  • Check our calendar and review available dates.
  • Use our contact form to let us know when you will be attending, and how many people are in your group. We suggest for safety’s sake that all members wear tennis shoes or a closed toe sandal, as there are things that can cut you, broken glass, etc..We also suggest you wear gloves, gardening gloves are great, or plastic gloves you can purchase in the box from Longs Drugs store, as well as getting a grabber or long kitchen tongs to save your back from constantly bending over.  When you pick up any bottles or cans, we suggest that you give them a good shake away from your body, as critters like to make these into homes:  centipedes, scorpions, crabs, cockroaches, etc…
  • Print out the Data forms on our forms page, review all materials, and bring them with you to the cleanup. The data sheets are the most important item, next to the sign in form. We need to know what beach you are cleaning, and we suggest using the heavy industrial cleanup bags, which are available at Home Depot or City Mill, or your local hardware store. We also suggest using one bag for recyclables, and one bag for trash. Please count the recyclables, and note them on the data sheet. It is a good idea to have one person be the “secretary” and everyone else cleaning can call out numbers of the 33 trash items from the data sheet, which the secretary will add to the sheet using tally marks.  See example below.  The only item that uses a different kind of tallying system are cigarette butts and cigar tips. For ever 10 butts you pick up, that will count as 1 tally mark. So if you have 5 tally marks for cigarettes, you have picked up 50 cigarette butts. tally marks


  •  Always clean up the beaches as a group, some of our beaches are inhabited by the homeless, and most are friendly, but not always.   We suggest that a group of 15 break into groups of 3 or so, two beach cleaners and on person to act as secretary. Each person should  have two large bags, and the secretary can carry a grocery bag to pickup broken pieces of glass and used batteries. .
  • Please do NOT put broken glass into the trash bags, you can cut yourself on the leg if the bag swings into you and if there is broken glass in the bag.
    1. Please make sure to send us the number of volunteers, the number of trash and recyclable bags collected, what beach you cleaned, the approximate mileage you cleaned and the location of the beach. For example if you clean White Plains Beach, the area is Kalaeloa. Check with us if you do not know the name of the area where the beach is located.
  • After cleaning the beach, please tie up the bags and set them next to the trash cans, with one of our adopt a beach cleanup stickers,
  • this will let the maintenance department know that we cleaned a certain beach.
  • If you would like to Adopt a Beach in your area, Please contact us and let us know what beach you would like to cleanup.
  • We ask for a minimum of 3 consecutive months in a row cleaning the same beach.
  • Contact for more information.
  • When you have cleaned a beach, please fax the data sheet and sign in sheet to us @ (808)637-2211 or scan it and email it to or mail it to us at:
  • Adopt A Beach Hawaii
  • P.O. Box 940
  • Haleiwa, Hawaii, 96712
  • Mahalo Nui Loa!